Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flower Power!

Here's my latest self promotional piece, for AGM my US agent.  They produce a collection of coasters each year, and this year's theme is the 1960's/70's.
I just had to draw a hippy chick!  I wanted to keep the colours simple to tie in with the monochrome design, a bit of a change from my usual technicolour.

The intertwining hair inspired my blog banner above!


  1. So nice... I love the intertwining hair and how the flower power lettering and hair are a continuous line! I think you definitely captured the 60's/70's theme...great flower headband too!

  2. I like your work very much.
    They are full of freshness with simply lines.
    Very like your website too.

  3. I love your drawings and designs. Lovely website.I am glad I've found