Thursday, March 25, 2010

ShopSmart Magazine

These illustrations have just been published in the April issue of ShopSmart Magazine, a consumer magazine in the U.S.
This one was to illustrate 'Cash for Clunkers' a scheme where you can trade in an old appliance for a shiny new one.

This one is about the difference between men and women when it comes to shopping.  Apparently men are hunters and target what they want straight away, while women are gatherers and like a good old rummage.  Pretty accurate in my experience!


  1. very nice moira! great colors!

  2. I SO love your style... The way you work with tiny details is amazing! (^_^)

  3. Awesome! The colours really grab you, great combos. I just love the outfit the washing-machine lady is wearing, so cute with the scarf around her neck and the pattern on her skirt.
    Pretty funny about the men/women shopping thing... yes I'd say it's also quite accurate :)