Thursday, June 3, 2010

Know your onions!

I love it when the alliums burst into life in my garden, and am always amazed by their firework like brilliance.  Here's a photo that I took last week when they were in their full glory.  Luckily even the seedheads are fantastic so when they start dying off they are just as beautiful.

I've just worked up this little drawing from my sketchbook, the little bulb vase is looking very pleased with herself for putting a such a display!
I might print this design on some cards with my gocco....


  1. i didn't understand much, but these are onion flowers? so if I cultivate my onions I'll have such beautiful plant??? please let me know and I'll start right now!

  2. Hi Valeria, the allium bulbs are part of the onion family but grown just for the flowers. You can plant the bulbs in Autumn and they flower in May/June. I imagine they would grow well in Spain as they like the sun:)

  3. Beautiful aren't they?! Gorgeous illustration too Moira, I think this would make a divine card!
    I too am a fan of the allium family, the giant ones are just incredible! But I think my faves are the beautiful white flowers of the garlic chives :)