Thursday, August 5, 2010

Matchbox Labels No 6

I haven't posted any matchbox labels for a while, so here's a little Czech set featuring fab fifties furniture. How's that for alliteration!


  1. I love match book covers for inspiration! there's some great collections on Flickr. I'm loving your printing work it's beautiful, I love screen printing and all the little imperfections & mis-registering makes it all the better! I much prefer prints hand done than printed out from the mac. Love Custard y cat!:)

  2. I love all these labels you are posting. I am half Czech myself and it reminds me of the old packaging I would find in my grandad's shed from years ago that he must have kept.

  3. Hi Lisa and Kristyna, glad you like them, posting them here is a way for me to look at them too, at the moment most of them are in little envelopes. I have my dad's matchbox label album but I've yet to organise my own!