Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding Music

I recently illustrated an article on choosing wedding music in the latest issue of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine.

The issue is just published, although I haven't seen a copy so I thought I'd post my 2 favourites.  Ipod dj or live band?  We had a band play at our wedding and they definitely added something special to the day for us so I would choose live music every time.


  1. Great illustration and the little mp3 player is cute! I think a live band for a wedding is great!

  2. i love this! you have such a classy style!!!

    we had the clyde stubblefield band at our wedding so i dont think an ipod can top that! (he was the "funky drummer" for james brown)

  3. Love the illustrations! I would also go with a live band. :)

  4. thanks everyone! sorry Mr ipod but I think the live band wins hands down! btw Brad your wedding band sounds fab:)