Monday, January 16, 2012

Illustration Friday - Prepare

This little illustration is just published in Woman & Home and I thought it would be a good fit for this week's IF topic.  It will soon be that time of year to start preparing for the gardening year by sowing seeds... I really enjoy gardening but lately all I seem to be cultivating is weeds! 
I'm hopeful to get the garden back on track this year though so we can all get outside and enjoy it...


  1. Great illustration and am glad to hear that it has been published. It is summer here in Melbourne Australia, so am more trying to save my plants from dehydration rather than planting new ones. Weeds are annoying. Really need to be dilligent about that.

  2. Great illustration. I love the colour combination.

  3. Hi Moira! Just wanted to let you know I have included your lovely illustration of a lady sowing seed on my blog entry. I have added a link back to your blog, but if you want me to remove it let me know and I'll take it down asap! My home is very fifties inspired, I adore that era! I think your creations are wonderful and very inspirational. Best Wishes.