Monday, October 3, 2011

5 a day

These are part of a set of illustrations just published in the October issue of Best Health Magazine, about different foods and how they affect your mood.  Apparently pumpkin seeds help you relax and bananas help you concentrate.

I'm quite fond of drawing vegetable characters so when we spotted this broccoli soft toy in Ikea we couldn't resist.  As you can see Jimmy is already a fan, let's hope he still loves broccoli when he's older!


  1. I had to come over and have a look! - I am a little baby obsessed! He is sooo CUTE Moira :D How teeny tiny is he or is that just one HUGE broccoli? xx

  2. It's a giant broccoli - every home should have one!

  3. Moira little Jimmy is looking super cute! That giant broccoli is hilarious! I hope you, Lee and Jimmy are all doing great :) I love your meditating pumpkin too hehe :D