Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mail Me Art 3

Howdy! Here's my entry for Mail Me Art 3. This little cowboy character came from a doodle in my sketchbook, it was nice to create something 'real' as although all my drawing is done by hand with pencil and paper, it only really exists as 'art' once it's scanned into the computer and coloured.
This years submissions had to be drawn directly onto an envelope as no digitally produced work was allowed and my entry is partly inspired by my rediscovery of my rubber stamping materials, it was fun to get inky fingers again!  I took part in a previous Mail Me Art project 3 years ago, which you can see here

Here he is setting off on his journey, it will be interesting to see if he arrives unscathed although he is not travelling too far at all, just up the road really to Leicestershire! I hope Royal Mail will handle him with care!
Royal Mail aren't very popular at the moment with the price rises and size restrictions coming into effect next month which will affect independent sellers on etsy and folksy.  Please take a look at Flora's blog post which makes very interesting reading and please do sign the e petition...

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